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Re: Fwd: Gas Out April 30, 1999

>> No, it soulds like they are gouging the customer.  In no other
>> business will retail prices rise ahead of wholesale prices because of a

>Well, not quite 'none'. Some commodity products and their sales channels
>lend themselves to 'preemptive' price adjustment, others don't... This is
>Capitalism folks, for better or worse:  if the market will bear that
>price, the market will bear that price.  However, and before you feel
>flamed - Yes it is gouging.  Just a downside of unregulated 'free

I recall few years ago there was a news report (either NBC or ABC) about
why price-per-barrel drops, we consumers don't feel the immediate savings.
The industry explains something like it takes at least 6 months or
something for the savings to be passed on because of the latency (sales ->
refinement -> delivery). I'm freaking surprised (not) when the
price-per-barrel goes up, consumers can experience the price increase

Exxon hasn't paid a cent on Valdeez' accidents' clean-up.

Hmmm... Maybe I should invest in oil co. stocks.

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