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Re: Great gas out!

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From: Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com>

>> take solace that you are buying Imperial Gallons, which are 1.2 times the
>> size of US gallons - so the "price per gallon" is skewed.)
>provincialism at work again... they buy their fuel in liters (litres?).
>Remember them?
>Does anyone anywhere still use "imperial" gallons?

I buy my fuel by the tankfull...:-)

Have to pay for it at GBP0.74 per litre. Still think in Imperial gallons
Some time ago I overheard a woman at a checkout point ask "My husband sent
me for a gallon of this paint - how many of these tins do I need?" to which
the checkout girl answered "I dunno - I only did litres at school, I'll call
the manager"
My daughter (aged six at the time) piped up with "Four and a half"........
Amazing what kids can learn from you isn't it?

Jim Haseltine