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Re: pressure washers

Listers Hi,

The KARCHER I use has three different noses with various pressures for the
sprayed water.

The real nasty one needs a lot of attention since it can cut through tyres
rubber if sprayed too close.

I use the medium one together with the detergent for the engine and under
the front and rear fenders. It also works well for cleaning the wheels and
the Bid Red PORSCHE calipers of the RS2 from brake dust.

If you use the pressure washer to "moisten" the car, then apply car washing
shampoo with a sponge by hand and then clear the foam with the pressure
washer again there is no problem with the car paint.

Now for kids and dogs you have to use the nasty nose.
Same applies for dirty living rooms, the laundry and dirty dishes.
(I hope you all understood I was joking in the first place)

The only car in need of the nasty nose is my Land Rover after really serious
mud plugging.

Greetings from Greece to everybody.