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Avi supporting Jermiah, RE: Fwd: Gas Out April 30, 1999

Extremely WELL said!!!!!

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Warning!  This is personal opinion and personal observation, no Q (or
other, non-Q Audi) content.

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Stephen Bigelow wrote:

> Paul Luevano posts...
> >> they appear to play the inventory pricing
> >> game, both up & down, to maximize profit, at our expense.
> Which sounds a lot like they are running a business for profit, not a
> service. What a surprise!

No, it soulds like they are gouging the customer.  In no other business
will retail prices rise ahead of wholesale prices because of a possible
increase in wholesale prices.  The pipeline (no pun intended) is several
months long, and I don't think anyone would think it's unfair for retail
prices to stay high after wholesale dropped until the pipeline is cleared
out, IF retail prices stayed low until all the cheap gas was out of the
The problem is that gasoline prices always rise in sync with a rise in
crude oil prices, but do not fall in sync with a drop in crude prices.
It's more a perception issue than an actual pricing issue, but perception
does affect purchases.

> Methinks U.S. drivers need to travel the world a little more....

I don't think this has anything to do with the gasoline taxes various
nations impose.  That's an entirely different issue.