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Re: Blau/RPI 4KQ race brake kits?

Greg Amy wrote:
> Glenn-
> I think that main reason that these parts are not considered "street brakes"
> is the calipers.
> For street applications, you have to be concerned about the longevity of the
> system. It would be highly unlikely that a street car would have the brakes
> inspected more than once every 2-5 years (or until, "Honey the brakes are
> making a grinding noise".) Thus, OEM engineers must design the braking
> system with this "lack of attention" in mind.
> Drivers of street car are very sensitive to brake noise and "squeal." Brake
> "squeal" is caused by the pads rattling around in their mounts. You can't
> completely keep the pads completely fixed or bolted in place (otherwise they
> won't move down as the pad wears), so designers typically handle this noise
> problem by using various springs and clips to "dampen" the rattling and at
> least keep the frequency of vibration below an audible level.
> For longevity, every street cars has dust boots that go around the caliper
> pistons. These boots are there to keep moisture, dust, dirt, grease, oil,
> etc  out of the piston bore. If you get the contaminants in there then the
> piston bore can rust, get scratched, and even damage the piston bore seal
> ("o-ring") and piston.
> Calipers designed for racing applications are not subjected to the same
> design limitations. Racers are expected to rebuild parts weekly, or at least
> inspect them after every racing weekend. Therefore the designers can leave
> out those parts that are not needed, or that can actually cause failures
> (such as the melting of rubber parts due to high temperatures.) Plus, racers
> are not concerned about brake noise, simply performance. Hell, even if the
> brakes did make noise, some of the NASCAR applications that Wilwood caters
> to are so noisy anyway that you wouldn't hear the brakes.
> Wilwood calipers are designed solely for racing. Wilwood's engineers never
> considered that Audi (and other) fanatics would take their bargain-priced
> (yet high racing quality) components and use them on the street. Thus, these
> calipers do not have dust boots, nor do they have the ability to use
> rattle-reduction clips. They were designed to produce the maximum braking
> torque at the expense of all other niceties.
> If you use Wilwood calipers, you should expect to rebuild them annually at a
> minimum (not expensive, just time-consuming), and expect brake squeal and
> rattles. This is not "dangerous", it just requires your additional
> maintenance and attention. In return you get a high quality caliper and
> low-cost rebuild parts and many, many different choices of pad compounds.
> However, it will not be supported by Wilwood, and they are quite adamant
> that their parts are for "off-road use only."
> Porsche (nee Brembo) calipers are "street" calipers, designed for street
> use, and have everything that this moniker implies. Thus, their popularity
> for street use.
> Greg Amy
> Milford, CT
> > Someone with BTDT, how well do these Wilwood brake upgrade
> > kits work with
> > the stock 4KQ MC?
> >
> > Any ideas why they call these 'race brakes' or 'not
> > recommended for street
> > use' but they supply street pads with these kits? (just curious)

    Where can I buy one of these kits, and how much do they cost?