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RE: Plugs for MC engine

NGK BP6ET seem to work real well, (Paul Timmerman suggestion), equally well
in a highly boosted car (2 BAR) and a totally stock turbo. Got rid of a
slight hesitation while accelerating.

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<< Anyone used the special (read "expensive") Bosch platinum plugs -
in the 10v motor? Are they worth the extra money? >>

<< Good for keeping crap out of the holes when you're working on the engine.

Okay I'll bite on this one. Ned Ritchie's site recommends them highly. These
plugs are Audi O.E. in the 20V I5 turbo engine. I believe I recall also
reading posts from Scott J (qshipq) in the past advising use of these for
modded 10v turbos. For the umpteenth time, these ARE NOT the cheapo Bosch
Platinums so despised by folks (rightfully so from what I gather). This
version of plug is very much like plugs that are O.E. in the 911 engine and
ran many sets in a former life in two of those cars.

So based on all the above, I tried a set and am presently running them. The
plugs they replaced were the Bosch Tri-Electrodes that were only a few
thousand miles old. There was a very noticeable difference. Ideally you will
need to use "US domestic style" plug wire ends due to the smaller size of
these plugs. I trimmed the shielding on my plug wires and that is not the
way to go.

I am not convinced now that the extra cost is worthwhile. I think the set I
have is starting to go and don't think they have more than 8 - 10k miles. If
you do try them, be sure to get them when Rod at The Parts Connection has
on special since they are then only (yeah right--"only") about 10 bux each.

One last thing to be aware of. The way these plugs wear is that the center
electrode gets eaten up inside the insulator so at first glance they will
appear to have no wear, yet the gap will get larger and larger as the
electrode wears away.


Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq