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Re: Tree sap

Gaidos, A. decided to speak these words:

>Thanks to all of you who have offered some advice on my tree sap incident.
>Because I had my car washed the day before it all came off very easy. I
>attached the garden hose to the water heater and the sap really just washed
>away. I went ahead and washed down the car with a light mix of simple green
>and hot water for measure.

Hey, killed 2 birds with one stone.  this is a good idea actually.  Its a 
good thing to drain your water heater completely at least once a year.  
It prevents sediment build up and lengthens the life of the heater by a 
few years..

Hehe....your local plumbing/heating apprentice.....(for a year, then 
school again)


Michael Sheridan Williams
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