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RE: Pierburg Fuel Injection: Rally Car

In message <NBBBKPAGMDMGMKIIMAPCGEOBDBAA.NED@IntendedAcceleration.com> "Ned Ritchie" writes:

> I know the location of three aluminum engines of the STOCK Sport Quattro
> type.  These cannot hold the head gasket tight enough to keep water from
> leaking under continuous hard driving.  This type was also disposed of by
> putting them in cars in remote sales areas.

Indeed.  I discovered this problem when chatting to the owners of 17
Sports (!) that turned up for a joint meeting between the UK quattro
Owners Club and the International Sport Quattro Owners Club, which is
based in Switzerland.  We had a 'bonnets up' session, and I queried what
appeared to be thin steel plates under the head gaskets of about six of
the cars.  About 3mm in thickness?  It's about three years ago now.

This is what it turned out to be.  I've forgotten the exact term they
used - even being as good at three or four German dialects as I am,
I have to pay _serious_ attention when listening to a Swiss at full
speed.   I _think_ I remember that they removed 3mm of stock from the
top of the block and secured the plate in some pretty serious manner
before remounting the head.  A lot of engineering was involved.

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