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Re: S4 buying gotchas

In a message dated 99-04-02 13:17:35 EST, you write:

 If anyone happens to know of any S4's in the Boston/MA area, drop me a
 Nothing newer than a 93.  Probably willing to go up to NH etc. to look if
 things look right.

I'm wondering if anyone adressed the questions that you asked. The only real 
response was from Phil Rose about the early trasmissions; they had a tendancy 
to weak (therefore noisey) bearings, although I think that was not limited to 
the early S 4's as we've seen this in 89-91 200 tq's and also 20 v 90 Q's and 

 The 93 S 4 seems to be very reliable. we've had no problems with any of the 
cars we've sold in terms of reliablility. there were some early (92) cars 
with those noisey bearings, but they stayed together all the while. Aside 
from that there has been the occasional brake accumulator, and once in a 
while a problem with the circuit board behind the instrument cluster, but all 
in all very, very solid cars.

93 S4
91 200 TQ