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Snap-On Strut Cartridge tool; will it work?

I talked to a Snap-On driver on Thursday and asked whether they sold strut
cartridge removal tools for Audis.  He gave me a catalogue and I saw that
they do sell a tool that looks like some kind of socket in the photo.  It's
described as a VW/Audi Strut Nut Socket.  In fact, there are two numbers
(YA8730), which is 'for late model front wheel drive vehicles to remove the
top strut retaining nut, and (YA9160) for 'use on strut shock nuts on 1978
and later Audi and 1985 and later VW.'

Does anyone know if this tool will work as well as VW/Audi tool 2069?  Is
there something inside this tool to keep the shaft of the shock from
turning?  TIA.

- Jim

p.s. The Snap-On price for either tool is $16.