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oil leak

i have just noticed that my 81 4k 5+5 has a small puddle of oil on 
the intake manifold where it connects to the engine block.  i wiped 
it off, and it then reappeared.  i am assuming this is a small leak, 
and then the oil is burnt off (with wonderful burnt oil smell).  do i 
only have to change the head gasket, or is there more to do to it?

also, i have been (unsuccessfully) looking for a emergency brake 
cable for the 4k.  i have been told they are very hard to find.  does 
anyone know where i could find one?

i also got a great idea reading autoweek today.  an S-type TT with 
a turbocharged V-8 from an A8.  am i just dreaming, or could 
something like this really happen?

bill serencsits
81 4k 5+5 192k mi
Bill Serencsits-Wls11@scasd.k12.pa.us
1981 4k 5+5 192k -my baby
1998 vw Passat TDI -my father's baby