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Re: Ignition Rotor

> Just recently went through the same thing with my 87 5000CSTQ. The rotor
> that AutoZone Gave me ( I got the right spark plugs though)  didnt fit.
> Went back and took a look at some of the other "Audi" rotors. The one
> that was different that seemed to match was for the Wagon. Why? I dont
> know, thought they were the same engine. So anyways try that or just go
> to the Audi shop!

Ah, rotor mix and match again.  Most MC engines seem to have the
rotor with the larger hole... the Bosch catalogs seem to list
the rotor with the smaller hole.  It's best to take the old rotor
with you when you get a new one.  Make sure that the new rotor
is resistive - marked R1 I believe.