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Re: oil leak

Bill:  The Valve (ie cam) cover gasket  needs to be replaced,
or you might simply tighten  the nuts on the cover and see if that stops
the leak. The other source of the leak may be the oil filler cap gasket
which if worn will allow blowby to force oil out. This is not a head gasket
problem  .  Mike Posner

At 04:42 PM 4/3/99 -0500, Bill wrote:
>i have just noticed that my 81 4k 5+5 has a small puddle of oil on 
>the intake manifold where it connects to the engine block.  i wiped 
>it off, and it then reappeared.  i am assuming this is a small leak, 
>and then the oil is burnt off (with wonderful burnt oil smell).  do i 
>only have to change the head gasket, or is there more to do to it?
>also, i have been (unsuccessfully) looking for a emergency brake 
>cable for the 4k.  i have been told they are very hard to find.  does 
>anyone know where i could find one?
>i also got a great idea reading autoweek today.  an S-type TT with 
>a turbocharged V-8 from an A8.  am i just dreaming, or could 
>something like this really happen?
>bill serencsits
>81 4k 5+5 192k mi
>Bill Serencsits-Wls11@scasd.k12.pa.us
>1981 4k 5+5 192k -my baby
>1998 vw Passat TDI -my father's baby