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Re: %$@#*& door panel


    Funny you should ask.  That just happens to haveen my weekend project today, removing the
drivers side armrest to troubleshoot the passenger window on my '90 V8.  The door armrest matches
that of my family members '89 100. So I believe your is the same also.  There are 3 Allen Head
screws (I think 4 mm) on the bottom of each of the mounts. You simply loosen the screws and pull
the door handle out.  Hope this information helps and sorry that I can't be more specific with the
wrench size but my wrench is not labeled as such.  Good Luck on the project.


demille wrote:

> Would someone like to share the secret with me on how to get the drivers side door panel
> off of an 89 200tq, specifically the screws or bolts that seem to hold the arm rest and window
> controls on. TIA, Jim