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[Fwd: Intermittant vibration at high speeds]

        My brother had a similar problem with his 5K turbo a couple of
years back.  It turned out to be that his tie rod ends were worn.  His
shimmy problem would only happen at certain speeds.  If he sped up or
slowed down a couple of (+/-) MPH either way the vibration would go
away.  It seemed to get worse at higher speeds.  In any event you can
check for this.  Simply jack up a front wheel, on either side, until it
clears the ground.  Then grab the tire at the 9 and 3 o'clock positions
and gently rock the tire from side to side.  If you have any movement,
this is not good.  Just some thoughts here. BTW, I just ordered tie rod
ends for my car from Linda at Carlsens.  They were $25.00 a piece (not
bad).  Anyhow, good luck on the project and keep the list posted to your
final resolution.  Thanks


>  The shaking is very violent, almost bad enough to shake
> the wheel out of your hand. The vibration, from what I can tell,  appears to
> be coming from the right front wheel. Tapping the brakes stops the
> vibration, and if I immediately reaccelerate back up to about 80 mph

Yikes!  sounds dangerous - experimenting with violent shakes at 80 mph. 
If tapping the brakes makes it stop I'd worry 1. about the brakes not
being tight somehow, then 2. what other thing it might be that is
obviously out of whack.  Wheel bearing?  

whatever it is seems to require high speed to set it off.  I presume it
goes away if you slow down also?  Or does it not go away until you tap
the brakes?

(92 100S)

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT