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PS hose rebuild

I just got my hydraulic hose (pump to rack) rebuild.  Taking the advice 
of the list, I went to a industrial hydraulic shop, they looked at the 
hose, said "that's automotive, we can't do that, we don't have those 
type of connectors."  They didn't seem to think that the banjo ends 
could be salvaged and used on a new hose. Hmmm, goodbye.  Went to 
another mega-hydraulic shop, there slogan was "we can find or 
manufacture hard to find hose or fittings."  Again, "no, we can't do 
that," but true to their slogan, they directed me to a place that could 
and was open Saturdays.  Williams Oil Filter, in Tacoma, WA.  Cost 
$29.69 complete with nylon sleeve and took about 15 min.  1/3 the cost 
of a hose from Blau or TPC.  The only difficult part was fitting the 
banjo bolt back on the rack, no real tips or secrets, it's just a pain.
-Matt Martinsen
Seattle, WA
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