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Re: Snap-On Strut Cartridge tool; will it work?

>Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 13:42:46 -0800 (PST)
>From: Orin Eman <orin@wolfenet.com>
>Subject: Re: Snap-On Strut Cartridge tool; will it work?
>> I talked to a Snap-On driver on Thursday and asked whether they sold strut
>> cartridge removal tools for Audis.  He gave me a catalogue and I saw that
>> they do sell a tool that looks like some kind of socket in the photo.  It's
>> described as a VW/Audi Strut Nut Socket.  In fact, there are two numbers
>> (YA8730), which is 'for late model front wheel drive vehicles to remove the
>> top strut retaining nut, and (YA9160) for 'use on strut shock nuts on 1978
>> and later Audi and 1985 and later VW.'
>> Does anyone know if this tool will work as well as VW/Audi tool 2069?  Is
>> there something inside this tool to keep the shaft of the shock from
>> turning?  TIA.
>Sounds like they are only for removing the nut at the very top... equivalent
>to the 3078 (looking in the Bentley for the 5k).  The 2069 is the
>best part of 1 ft long BTW and is around $40 from Zelenda if I remember

Right, the 2069: about 4 lbs (and 10") of good German (stamped VW/Audi
OOOO) steel for $36 from Zelenda. Sure beats trying to get a grip on that
cartridge-retainer cap--through the spring--using a pipe wrench, or pliers.

The tool for the top nut is something that others have claimed they can
substitute for using an oxy sensor socket. It has a side opening through
which a 6mm hex can be applied.

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