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Re: %$@#*& door panel

There are three allen head bolts in the armrest that push an arrow shaped
piece of metal up into a v-shaped bracket.  Loosen the bolts about six turns
then try to gently pull the armrest away from the door.  The  armrest should
pull away from the door will a small amount of pull.

Dave Puterbaugh
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> Likely a hidden screw or two.  Look and see if you can gently pry off a
> cover on armrest.  That is is the secret for 5k's anyways.  Hope it helps
> David
> >From: "demille" <demille@rmi.net>
> >Would someone like to share the secret with me on how to get the drivers
> side door panel
> >off of an 89 200tq, specifically the screws or bolts that seem to hold
> arm rest and window
> >controls on. TIA, Jim