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Re: US Gas Prices: Detroit

The gas prices here in the Tacoma, Washington area have gone up almost 30
cents in the last month.  I can also afford this, even if I don't like it.
I did have a fit when my wife, who rarely fills the tank on her Suburban,
asked if premium would hurt the motor!!!!!  She put $60 in, where it
normally has been about $45.  I can here the chuckes of all the Anti SUV
listers now.

Dave Puterbaugh
1991 200tq sedan

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> Rene Curry decided to speak these words:
> >Timothy said:  Right now, in San Diego, I'm paying $1.60 for regular
> >unleaded. The price has gone up 2 cents every other day. What's it like
> >the rest of the nation?
> Here in the SF bay area, its horrendous, compared to 3 weeks ago.  I used
> to consistently pay 1.459 at chevron for supreme, now that same station
> is up to 1.979.  I can still afford it, its only what, 40 bucks to fill
> up the tank, so i dont bitch all that much, i need the gas, i choose to
> drive a car that gets lousy gas mileage and requires supreme, and there
> isnt all thatm uch i can do about the prices, so why have a heart attack
> over it?