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Alt whine again???

    When I shift now....like in 1st and second, and let out the clutch, I
get this screeching noise at the front end of my car.  Last time I heard this
noise (although it was much worse) my alternator died about a week later.
It doesn't seem to do it when the car is warm, but it sounds like the same

    I wasn't concerned before because I thought it was just the alt belt, but
it was actually the alternator getting fried (probably the bearings siezing
up).  Anyways, just had it replaced a few months ago with a rebuilt Bosch
unit and they wound up replacing about 3' of cable too (the sheathing had
split and the wire had corroded).  Anyways, everything was replace and going
well but I noticed a little screech under startup, but it was so brief I wasn't
concerned.  Does anyone know what could be causing this and should I be
concerned that something could be killing another alternator??  I'm watching
my voltage gauge very carefully.