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Re: U.S. Gas Prices: Sound Off!!!

At 02:11 PM 4/3/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Fellow Auto Unionists,
>Gas prices are high right now, that's a given.  But how high?  I'm just
>curious as to how high they are around the U.S.  I know European fuel
>prices have always been higher than the U.S., so don't you all come
>telling me I'm whining!  [8^)  Right now, in San Diego, I'm paying $1.60
>for regular unleaded.  The price has gone up 2 cents every other day. 
>What's it like in the rest of the nation?

The discount places in Orlando are 101.9. Normal places are 107-110.9.
Jacksonville is running about the same. Georgia runs 10-15 cents below us
due to lower taxes.
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