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Re: Intermittant vibration at high speeds

    I had a bad shimmy at speed in my '93 90CSQ. I though for sure one of my
wheel bearings or ball joint was bad. But, I coulnd't find anything that
felt loose in the front end, so as a starting place, I took it to get the
tires balanced and rotated. If you have alot of miles on the tires (They
should last 40-50K, unless specifically long wear tires), even if the tread
still looks good, the tires may be bad. Both my front tires were
delaminating internally. The left front you couldn't tell except for cracks
in between the treads (a sure sign the manager told me, he's a friend so I
trust him; treads were about 1/4" deep still), but on the right front, there
was a section of tread that was kind of offset fron the rest nearly a 1/4".
Shimmy found. I bought a new set of tires (no sense in just replacing 2, for
me anyway) and the car drives like new. I would have felt really dumb if I'd
taken it Audi to replace the wheel bearings and the shimmy was still there.

Rob Lloyd
'93 90CSQ

>>>  The shaking is very violent, almost bad enough to shake
>>> the wheel out of your hand. The vibration, from what I can tell,
>>> be coming from the right front wheel. Tapping the brakes stops the
>>> vibration, and if I immediately reaccelerate back up to about 80 mph