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Re: horn ring lube

In a message dated 99-03-29 17:37:40 EST, you write:

<< Read from Wurth Dielectric grease tube: High thermal conductivity, 
 temp. to 400 F. , High heat transfer, Lubricates rubber and plastic, Heavy
 consistancy, Protects electrical components.					
Listed applications:
 For use IN electrical insulation, damping and LUBRICATION OF BRASS COMPONENTS
 and O-Rings.							The brass 
horn brush and ring are conducting the energy
 (electric) not the grease.							
I talked about this stuff during the Stabilant debates.  When I learned that 
stuff was $35,000 US per liter I decided I would just keep using this stuff.  
Never had an electrical failure since I started using it 12 years ago.  I 
originally got turned on to it for it's thermal transfer properties.  Dorf 
underengineered heat sinks on a ECM and they would get 300 plus degrees and 
burn right up.  Coat the back liberally with the dielectric grease and they 
last a lifetime.(Amazing-but True!)

Jim Accordino
p.s.- I'm the one who washes his drivetrain every few weeks.