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Rod Knock, update...

The rain subsided long enough for me to push the Ur-Q out of the garage and 
make room for the 200q and while I really wasn't in the mood to work on cars, 
I dropped the oil pan and took a look at the rod bearings for the first two 

The upper bearings on both showed more wear than the bottom bearings (which 
is to be expected) and the number two cylinder's upper bearing was quite a 
bit darker grey toward the center ... no brass, though.  I discussed it with 
a friend and he said he'd be surprised if this was enough wear to cause 
audible knocking and suggested that I take a look at the oil pump as well ... 
he also pointed out that the knock could be coming from one of the three 
other cylinders.  Hmmm...

Well, since I have everything apart -- incredibly, it only took me about an 
hour! -- I'm going to replace the oil pump, water pump and timing belt 
(again, since the reasonably new pump is noisier than I'd like) in addition 
to the rod bearings.  I'm also thinking about doing the main bearings but my 
friend thinks this is probably overkill since he's never, ever seen an Audi 
with bad mains.

While I was under the car, I also discovered that both of my control arms are 
slightly bent -- I wonder what in hell I hit? -- and one of the tires has 
corded on the inside edge since the car has quite a bit of unintentional 
toe-out (I thought it was feeling a bit twitchy over the past few weeks).  
I've also got a torn CV boot to replace as well ... I find it hard to believe 
all this has occured since the last time I changed the oil but it's a good 
reminder to take a look under the car every now and then.