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Re: <All> Mo'Gas prices

Actually the point isn't whether we run out of oil.  As with most
resources there usually is more to be found if you look harder and
longer (eg more $$$).  It's an issue of supply and demand.

The world production of oil is predicted to peak around 2005, some say
more like 2010 due to reduced demand in Asia because of their recessions

Sure finding a HUGH new reserve somewhere that the oil almost comes out
of the ground of its own would push this back a bit, but once Asian
economies recover, we'll be heading towards the other side of that peak
and reduced total world-wide production. (Actually we're headed towards
that now, just more slowly)

Once we cross over that peak production, prices will go up, and up and
up until more oil is found or a substitute is found.  (actually getting
more supply never seems to bring the price back down it just levels
things out for a while, without some help from a real recession that is)

Perhaps I'm overly pessimistic, but this seems to be the pattern is
history that we usually follow.  After all, it wasn't until whales
became harder and harder to find that someone figured out that you could
burn that black sticky stuff that came out of the ground...

Hope I'm wrong, but I haven't seen any thing yet to start thinking that
I am...