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PSA re:Drunk Driving(min. Audi)

Well, this message is a totally self-serving vent.  But thanks in advance to
the list for being my support group this evening.

I just got back from Seattle.  600+ mile road trip in my '88 Audi 90.  Great
drive through the mountains, love the car.  It performed flawlessly - wish I
could say the same for my JVC CD changer... Damn thing stopped working
before I left Seattle - 5 hours of silence and fading radio...

Here's the real kicker of the day though.  I arrive home this evening to
find out that my girlfriend of 4 years has been in a car accident over the
weekend.  She went to her folks' house for Easter weekend.  She met up with
several old "friends" from high school who took her out on the town Saturday
night.  One of her "friends", after putting away a couple beers, decides
that he's going to play stunt driver with my girlfriend and another
passenger in the car.  He slams the car into an enormous speed bump at a
high rate of speed and rolls the car.  My girlfriend suffered lacerations to
her face from asphalt and glass, a cut to her ear, a mild concussion and
various bruises.  She WAS wearing her seatbelt.  The driver blew out a .06
(not legally drunk) but was cited with reckless driving and totaled his car.
All occupants sustained mild injuries.

I know this can probably go without saying on this list, but just in case.
PLEASE don't drive under the influence folks, and do WHATEVER is necessary
to make sure your friends and loved ones don't have to deal with this
garbage.  If you have teenage kids, offer to drive them home NO QUESTIONS
ASKED if they find themselves drunk and stranded.  My girlfriend is 24 and
should have known better, but peer pressure is a wonderful thing.  Do what
you can to preserve the health and well-being of yourself, your loved ones,
and your fellow motorists.  Also, I think this example illustrates that
"legally drunk" doesn't necessarily mean "unimpaired" or "safe to drive".
I'm thankful that it wasn't worse, but I'm not content to leave it at that.
There are too many of these stories circulating that don't have happy
endings.  Please be careful out there.  Thanks for listening.

Happy Easter everyone.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 69K mi.
Picture and details online at: