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(FWD) Ur-Q for sale!

Forwarded-- please contact vendor directly. Sorry of you've seen it
Joe Goeke  <joe_goeke@hotmail.com>wrote:
> ..... 
> Car 3:
> 83 Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe
> Yes, the rare one.  One of 500 in the US.
> California car, no rust.  Good Gold paint
> 135K miles.
> Motor rebuilt at 110K
> Completely stock, except for eibach springs.  Have original springs.
> Cooling system totaly overhauled.
> Suspension overhauled.
> Dash and front seats craked due to sun damage.
> Needs TLC to get it running at peak performance.
> $7K
> New Paint 2 years ago
> Call me if ya want at 206-295-3269
> ---JCG
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