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RE: S4 buying gotchas

On my first trip to Ingolstadt in 1992 someone from "Audi Sport" picked me
up at the Queens Hotel in an automatic S4 and took me to their shop.  The
driver a young man said he was to keep it for a few months keep a log of
everything that happened,  make a report on it, and turn it in.

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I saw one in New Zealand on a dealer's lot.  It was a 93 or 94 I think.  All
the S4 goodies, but and auto.

I think it would be pretty cool, especially if it could handle a chipped
motor.   ;-)

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> Geir:
> A 1993 S4 _automatic_? That's interesting. There was no such option in the
> US (no S4/6 avant until 95), which is odd since automatics are the most
> popular tranny choice here. You own the only turbo quattro audi with an
> automatic I've ever heard of before the 97 A4 1.8tq automatic. Are you
> certain this was a production item/option? If so: Is the power output the
> same (e.g. is the engine detuned for automatic duty as many manufacturers
> sometimes do on high HP models)?
> Has anyone else heard of a pre-A4tq with turbo, quattro, and an automatic?
> Was the automatic an option with other performance models: S4/S6 plus,
> RS2, others?
> Sarge
> geir wrote:
> >
> > My S4 Avant 1993 has 4 speed Automatic!! German sold, imported to Sweden
> > in -95.
> >
> > Geir