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86 4k CSQ parts car F/S

Greetings !

Because of time constraints, and my failure to find a replacement 4kq - I'm
selling my (damaged) 86 4k CS Quattro.  I originally wanted to keep this as a
parts car, because it is (still) in such good condition.  

Car is Tornado red, 89k miles, light colored (tan) cloth interior, and all
options that were available.  Exterior panels, and paint are in great
condition, with the exception of the front driver's fender, hood, and that
the back driver's side quarter panel is bent into the trunk lid a tad .
Interior is in excellent condition, no rips, tears, cracks, dings, or damage
or any kind.   Damage is to the drivers side fender, some suspension damage,
some minor frame damage.  I would not recommend this car as a rebuilder, but
it is certainly an excellent source of parts for a 4k.  

Pictures are available in Jpeg form.  Car is being stored in a clean, dry
environment.  The front grill, and some head light trim are already spoken
for, but the remainder of the car is available.  

Price ?  Best offer.  Car is located in the Beaverton, Oregon area.   


Drew C. Boggs

Drew C. Boggs
Graveyard Security Supervisor (x 84535)