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Re: Tires


I wrote this a few month's back.... should help :-)

Mike L.
90 V8
91 V8

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Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 08:03:52 -0500 (EST)
From: Mike Larosa <mlarosa@v8q>
Subject: Re: Tires for 1990 200tqw
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Hi Ron,

I can tell you my recommendations with tires I've used and ones I've heard
bandied about the list.

Dunlop D40M2 225/60/15 on a V8.  approx 110.- ea, when you could get'em
(currently not listed on www.tirerack.com)

Awesome on dry/wet,  Acceptable on snow, but only because of quattro.

Bit loud on dry highway.

Really liked blasting through on ramps with these tires :-)

Dunlop D60A2 JLB 205/60/15 on 89 100 Avant (fwd)  53.- ea, 

Decent in dry/wet/snow, bit loud on highway, tended to get lumpy and very loud
as they wore.  

Wouldn't buy 'em again.

BFG Touring T/A VR4 225/60/15 on the V8.  60.- ea

ok on dry, good on wet,  good in snow (judging by the tire pattern which is 
similar to goodyear ga which I've liked in snow, The GA's where 150.- ea when
the 225/60/15 size was available.  Too expensive.)

Very quiet on highway.

I gave up some boyracer handling for a lot less noise.  Guess I'm getting 
old :-)

These are a great compromise tire at a good price.

BFG Touring T/A HR4 205/60/15 on the 89 100 Avant (fwd) 52.- ea

Same as above,  just put them on the wife's car.  For her these tires are
perfect.  She is not a boy racer, so she doesn't miss the handling of the
D40M2's like I do :-)

Tire's I've heard bandied about:

Nokia Hopkalita (sp?)  and Blizzak's.  If you live in the mountains or want
the best snow grip reasonably available for your quattro, you can't go wrong
with either brand.

Hopefully this helps.

Mike L
90 V8
89 100 Avant

Both currently shod with BFG Touring T/A's.......


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