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Re: Dash warning light...

hmmm..., maybe the infamous A4 'loose gas cap' problem?  supposedly on some A4's
if you don't screw the cap on all the way you'll get the light and have to go to
the dealer to get it reset.  brilliant engineering on that one - guess Team DH
is still on the payroll.

Anand Dhanda wrote:

> Well when we started up the A4 this evening the Check Engine light came on.
> Tryed restarting it but that didn't make it go away. Drove it to our
> destination and back(60miles) nothing wrong. Reved the engine to redline,
> did some harsh driving to see if something sounded different everything is
> normal... Any ideas??? Could it be a short or something??? Also when it came
> back from its last oil change the headlights on light won't work...
> headlights are fine though...
> Thanks In Advance.
> Anand Dhanda
> A.K.A. Technik
> dhandas@cwixmail.com
> '98.5 A4 2.8QMS



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