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Re: Coolant Problem/Thermostat location? '92 100 Failsafe thermostats

>BTW, I saw an ad recently in a parts store for a thermostat that 'fails
>open' instead of 'closed'; but I don't remember the brand name.  Has anyone
>had any experience with such a thermostat?

"Failsafe" thermostat by Motorad is one. "Exclusive" to Canadian Tire (I've
got the catalog in front of me)...

"Failsafe thermorstats will never fail in the closed postition! When a
standard thermostat burns out it can lock shut and bloack coolant flow.
Failsafe always allows free-flow to protect engine from over-heat damage.

Cdn, obviously.

quick web search revealed...
MotoRad of America - FailSafe Thermostat
Tel: 1-800-328 STAT Fax: 416-759 8510....................That's Toronto

No experiance.