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RE: ticking fuel pump.

Are you sure you don't have an SU fuel pump in there???? 

A gold star to whoever got this little joke?  

'86 4000
Hint:  I own a '55 Austin-Healey 100, too.

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> Sent:	Monday, April 05, 1999 9:42 AM
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> Subject:	ticking fuel pump.
> 	Okay first off thank you to all that helped mewith my hit and run,
> things are getting fixed, and she's flying like she was before. An
> intresting sound was discovered yesterday on my 4kq 86'. I heard a
> ticking, I had the fuel pump replaced 4,000 miles ago becuase of the same
> sound, could this be a bad pump? I got a mech, to replace it with a Bosch
> pump, same as factory? What do all of you think? thanks guys, and girls...
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