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Re: US Gas Prices San Diego

$1.93  92 octane
$1.72  89 octane

and that is at ARCO.  The cheap place.

Andrew Buc wrote:

> On Sat, 3 Apr 99 16:55:47 -0800, Michael Williams wrote:
> >Here in the SF bay area, its horrendous, compared to 3 weeks ago.  I used
> >to consistently pay 1.459 at chevron for supreme, now that same station
> >is up to 1.979.
> Yeesh! I don't follow prices for supreme, but in Seattle it's around
> $1.199 for Citgo regular (at 7-11), $1.039 at at least one Arco station
> (I think--I don't pay much attention to Arco because I haven't heard
> good things about their gas), $1.249 and up for Chevron/Texaco/BP/Union
> 76. 20- to 25-cent/gal more for supreme, I think.
> Until prices started rising, there was a Chevron station on N.
> Northgate Way just off I-5 that had regular for $.999.
> But I'm sure a European would say, "Kwitchurbitchin."