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Re: S4 buying gotchas


Of course, you're right on the URL...

I can't complain too much about my S4's value.  it's a '92 that I bought
nearly 4 years ago for a bargain $22k.  since then I've put 70,000 miles
on it and it's worth almost as much as I paid...

You're also right about "until Audi imports something better."   The new
S4 might fill the bill, but it's SO much smaller, and I already have an A4.
I guess the promise of an A6 V-8 with a stick (especially if it's an Avant)
might tempt me.  Doubt we'll see an S6 for many years?  Of course, for
the next four years the point is moot for me, since I've got a daughter
entering college in the fall (may have to sell the S4 to support college
 Steve Mills wrote:

>The S4/S6 FAQ on the S-cars site is at:
> http://www.audi-s-cars.com/s4s6/faq.htm
> It includes both model year differences and a writeup on what to look out
>for, along with lots of upgrade information, etc.
> On values- at the Manheim, PA Exotic/Highline sale Thursday:
> 95 S6, Pearl/Ecru, 42K mi, went for over $29K.
> 95 S6 Avant, Emerald/Ecru, 30K miles, $28K.
> These are wholsale prices less auction fee, etc. So, at least the S6s are
>still holding pretty well for a 4 year old car. This may change when the
>twin-turbo and V8 equipped A6s start trickling in, but then again maybe
>not, since you won't be able to get a stick with a A6 V8 (tip only) in the US.