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It looks to me like maybe your catalytic converter or the oxygen sensor
is fouled.  If the O2 sensor is bad, it will cause it to run rich to
compensate.  That would be your HC problem.  This could lead to over
working the catalyst and lead to high NO levels.  I'd replace the O2
sensor pronto.

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On Mon, 5 Apr 1999 17:43:21 EDT AUDI1OO@aol.com writes:
>Hey guys,
>	My '91 Audi 100 failed emmisions test...a shock to me.  The 
>checked everything out (i.e. sensors, etc...).  Everything seemed 
>alright...he thinks it may be this one hose (which was collapsed, and 
>replacement) or possibly the cat.  What was high on the emmisions test 
>the HC 1.37 gpm. (limit is 1.20gpm.) and NOx 10.70 gpm. (limit is 5.00 
> How can I lower these figures...any ideas?  How about adjusting the 
>mixture...Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
>Thanks Again,

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