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old news...

AoA has announced the bi-turbo V6 will debut in S4 and A6, and the current
V8 (the one with 300bhp) in the A8 will also find its way into A6 (no
mention of "S6" badge). The AoA Len Idiot calls it the "ultimate
expression of A6." Geez...

That sounded like the good news. The bad news -- the U.S. version of the
S4 is going to have 250bhp (vs. 265 elsewhere) and have 0-60 of 5.9 (5.5
elsewhere) seconds. Why come? Is it just a lowered boost? Or something
more important is castrated for U.S. consumption? I guess the torque is
way down from "real" S4's 295ft-lb (probably 250-ish for U.S.) for the
accel figure to drop that much.

What's the weight difference between S4 and A6 equipped with V6tt?

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