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Re: No heat or climate control '89 200TQ


    If you have never replaced the heater blower motor, it is likely that
your problems are caused by worn brushes in the motor. Since these motors
run all the time, the brushes only last about 7-8 years.
    Remove the plastic plenum cover (it covers the heater box plenum between
the base of the windshield and the firewall). You can see the blower motor
housing and a right-angle rubber hose connecting the blower motor housing to
the heater box. Pull off this hose and look down into the motor. You will be
looking at the top brush. If the shunt (the braided copper wire connected to
the brush) is at the bottom of the slot in the brush holder, the brushes are
worn out. You may be able to restore operation temporarily by pushing down
on the brush.
    Replacing the blower motor is the cure. It is kind of a
"rite-of-passage" for Audi owners.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  271k km
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Subject: No heat or climate control '89 200TQ

> Last week, winter revisited Colorado's Frontal
> Range. On my '89 200TQ, the climate control and heat however
> went south and stayed there.  No fan on any setting.
> Barely any heat out of the vents, probably from
> conduction.  Anyway, I suspect a bad vacuum pump
> but where do I start?  I have the Bentley manuals but
> after reviewing the section on climate control, I was
> overwhelmed.  Anybody care to shed some light or
> heat on this subject.  Is this a common failure?  I
> fixed the broken flapper spring a couple years ago.
> Thanks in advance.  Why do German cars always age ungracefully
> in electrics?
> Bill
> seat warmers on full and thank goodness for
> RainX.