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Re: PSA re:Drunk Driving(min. Audi)

I'm with you Frank.  Give me a break, all the safety nazis and madd people
have lobbied to the point that the legal level is so low the only thing it
does is really screws up normal peoples lives.  The current trend to go to
.08 is a travesty.  I guess I can't have ONE beer anymore and drive. 
Sheesh, I see worse drivers every day on the way to work....

Ok, I'm done.

To you Dan, sorry for the rant and hope all is well with your girlfriend. 
I get the impression your hearts in the right place regardless of what the
'fault' was.

Scott Wood
1990 CQ
Charlotte, NC

> At 09:46 PM 4/4/99 -0700, Dan Sinclair wrote:
> >  Also, I think this example illustrates that
> >"legally drunk" doesn't necessarily mean "unimpaired" or "safe to
> Frank wrote:

>sounds like this guy was driving under the influence of being an a$$h*le.
> people like this can do as much danger whether they blow a .2 or a .002
> to call this a drunk driving incident because he had a beer or two before
> he left is a joke.
> i wonder how much his testosterone level played in the decision making
> process...
> frank