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Re: S4

>The lower performance for the S4 was exhaust manifold change,because "Audi
>said's" cost to much..?(hand made)

That sounds kinda stupid. So let me get this straight -- U.S. would get a
specially-made manifold while the rest of the world get the hand-made
ones? It sounds *VERY* odd, as Audi's U.S. sales is literally fractions
compared to sales in other parts of the world. This will only makes sense
if we get the S4 at $15,000 discount compared to the 265bhp version.

>the A6 for example have 230(something like that)have special software(for
>some one interested to do that)and you can't interchange both ECM(S4 to A6)?
>have question...Does anybody have though to interchange the A4(190bhp) to
>A6(200bhp)ECM? and please don't tell me that the only thing differt of this
>two car in performance is the exhaust manifold.. ;-}!!!

The A6 with 30v V6 has 10 more ponies than the one in A4 due to slightly
freer exhaust -- or so I recall from the posts, and from British "Car"
magazine. So we have 190bhp in the A4 and 200bhp in the A6. THe torque
stays the same at 207ft-lb. The Euro versions have 193bhp 208ft-lb for all
of its 2.8 V6 (A4, A6, A8) for insurance rate purpose.

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