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Re: S4 or Bora VR8?

I've read something about a Jetta with the biturbo V6 tagged "RSi" but a
V8?  Holy!

Eton Chen
A4 2.0tq

Matt Martinsen wrote:

> I just read about some serious competition for the new S4, M3, C43, and
> the like.  The Bora (read Jetta) VR8 Volkswagen is testing.  Either a
> 3.7 or 4.2L VR8, 270 and 300 hp respectively, same sizes as the A8
> engines, but a totally different engine, I assume a similar narrow angle
> "V" as in the VR6. Oh, and it's all-wheel drive.

"It's not my fault the other drivers can't beat me anymore." - Tommi