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miss at idle, hesitation and my new license plate

hey all, just wanted to see what the thought is on the fact that at idle 
there is a definite miss.  Since the #5 cylinder exhaust manifold is 
leaking, i can tell when that one is firing ok or if it is missing.  It 
will idle ok for about 10 seconds then there will be an intermittant 
miss, in #5, and possibly in other cylinders as well, not sure, that 
becomes more and more frequent till it occurs every couple seconds.  Its 
not major, but it is irritating...

also, when the car is cold, there is a very definite hesitation around 
2800-3400 rpm's.  Since its cold, im always at part throttle, but its 
irritating.  Very soft, and then as soon as the revs are above 3400, its 
ok, just in that little range is it soft....

Anyway, also, got my new license plate for the car:  MC  URQ

So if anyone sees me, give me a wave...

also FYI, simple, plain: URQ      is also available in CA....

just letting you know....i almost got that, but i thought MC URQ would be 


Michael Sheridan Williams
ICQ# 11740998
1983 UrQuattro, MC--1.8 BAR, borla, 16x7.5 OZ Mito's w/ SP8000's, K&N
1985 4000S Quattro miles, Koni Yellows/Coilover (2B), strut brace, Sport 
8000 Tires, K&N