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Re: Interference Engines

In message <006901be7ffe$bba92dc0$c2f4fad0@pattywack> "Pat Martin" writes:

> Truth be told, I have been driving with it somewhat out for probably a
> month.  It has been running very poorly for about that long so I suspect it
> was a little out for a while.  I did take a really close look at everything
> about a week ago but did not even think to look at cam timing.  Duh

The Woodruff key had broken loose in the WR we did a couple of weeks
back.  It had already started to make a mess of the pulley, but didn't
seem to have damaged the crank.  The 'undoing' torque was about 250 lb
ft - I speculated at the time that someone had misunderstood Audi's
torquing instructions during the most recent timing belt change.

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