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clutch bleeding

OK, I've replaced my clutch master cylinder ('87 5KTQ) and thought I should
be able to bleed it without much problem. I took a spare brake fluid resevior
cap and attached an air fitting. I topped up the fluid, attached the cap,
loosened the bleeder valve (1/4 turn) and attached a rubber hose to it leading
to a jar on the ground. I applied around 8 psi to the air fitting and no matter
what position the clutch peddle was in, I never saw a drop of fluid come out
of the bleeder valve. I pumped the peddle once and a while to check for some
resistance. There was an intact dust cover on the valve, so I don't believe it
was clogged. What gives?
After some time of doing this and scratching my head, I tested the peddle and
found it to be firm. I was able to actuate the clutch normally (success!).
Thing is, I would like to flush the slave cylinder (and the whole system for
that matter! Does someone need to pump the clutch peddle while I'm applying
the air pressure? I don't imagine that there is a straight through path in
the master cylinder, so wouldn't pumping still be necessary?



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