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Re: Pad Wear Sensor Connector...

Hairy green toads from Mars made Steve Sherman say:

> One of the wires to my front brake pad wear sensor has broken.  Right at
> the point where the wire comes out of the plastic, so there is no wire
> to crimp/splice back together...
> And, since Murphy had a hand in this, it's the side of the connector
> that stays with the car...when you change pads...
> Perhaps it's a bit anal, but I'd like to fix this... Short of getting
> one from a donor car somewhere, can one get the connector metal contact
> pieces separately, like one does for many electronic type connectors?
> Just curious what folks usually do about this problem.  Is it a lost
> cause, are the wires getting too old to last?  What are the chances that
> my next pads will even have these connectors?

I would just get a new connector, either from a donor car or
from the (gasp) dealer parts counter. Then splice it on with
some GOOD weatherproofing and forget about it.

I would think any used Audi parts place would have a bunch of
these they could snip off for a couple of bucks. Why hassle with
trying to find some "generic" replacement connector?


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