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Re: Snap-On Strut Cartridge tool; will it work?

>Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 19:21:58 -0500
>From: ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com (Fluhr)
>Subject: Re: Snap-On Strut Cartridge tool; will it work?
>>The tool for the top nut is something that others have claimed they can
>>substitute for using an oxy sensor socket. It has a side opening through
>>which a 6mm hex can be applied.
>I was the one to make the claim about using an oxygen sensor socket, so
>I feel I should explain it.
>Most oxygen sensors that I have seen include a large hex head machined
>into the top of them, in addition to the receptacle for a 1/2" drive
>rachet/breaker bar.  The oxygen sensor just also happens to fit the
>top strut nut quite nicely.  I used to use an impact gun with the
>socket to loosen and tighten the nut, but I found that it could cause
>the slotted nut below it to loosen up and allow the strut shaft to
>clang around when the suspension actuated.
>Conveniently, a long 6mm hex key will fit through the square for
>the ratchet in the oxygen sensor, and holds the strut while you
>turn the oxgyen sensor with a wrench.  Personally, I use a 6mm hex
>socket inside the oxygen sensor socket with a 3/8" drive extension
>through the 1/2" drive opening in the socket.

Eric, thanks for the reminder. I'm sorry I misspoke about how the oxy
sensor tool is used for the strut nut. As I typed that (about inserting the
6mm allen key in the side slot, instead of the drive opening) I _wondered_
how it could  allow the socket to turn. Well, duh. :-)


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