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RE: Found AM/FM/Cell antenna

Are you sure it would save the drilling of a hole ... you do realize that
this is the model which is usually mounted on the roof of the car don't you
(Betaflex D)?  While it might look great at the end of the roof near the
hatch of the Avant, it seems it would look a bit odd on the fairing up near
the base of the rear window on the quarter panel!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
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	Subject:  Found AM/FM/Cell antenna

	I found an am/fm/cell antenna......  kinda pricey at $249.-

	But they do exist :-)


	Don't know if I'll buy or not.....  debating the pros and cons
	of drill the fender and save $200.-  or  close my eyes and write 
	the check......

	Mike L.

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