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Re: Dash warning light...

Maybe they could reprice the car by $150 or so to provide a sensor that
would tell you the cap was loose  (:-)}

Kneale Brownson

At 07:27 PM 4/5/99 -0700, Ti Kan wrote:
>John Cunningham writes:
>> hmmm..., maybe the infamous A4 'loose gas cap' problem?  supposedly on 
>some A4's
>> if you don't screw the cap on all the way you'll get the light and have to 
>go to
>> the dealer to get it reset.  brilliant engineering on that one - guess 
>Team DH
>> is still on the payroll.
>You know, I think that's a cheap shot at Audi's engineers.
>Sometimes it's too easy to fault a particular design when you
>might not understand all the parameters.
>A loose gas cap constitutes an air leak in the fuel system, and in
>today's stringent emission control systems, that can cause it to
>operate outside of a precise range of tolerances.  The ECU has
>no way of knowing where the leak is, it could be a real leak somewhere
>in the system as opposed to just a loose cap.  So it is perfectly
>reasonable to regard this as a fault event. This logs the event in
>the fault memory and turns on the fault light.
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