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RE: Getting 'the bolt' off a loose engine

Perhaps my first idea was not addressing the problem you were describing,

With the engine out of the car you have all the room in the world to play
take your wrench and breaker bar and (assuming that we are looking at the
in an upright position facing the front of it on the floor)position the
and breaker bar (the longer the better) at an 11:00 position off the crank.

Take another bar/pipe/4x4 and lay it on the floor at a 9:00 position under
front of the motor with a foot or so extending toward the 3:00 position.

Using a good piece of rope, loop it around the end of the lower bar/pipe/4x4
on the 3:00 side)and bringing it up the right side (facing) of the engine
the top and secure it in a loop under the intake manifold. Make it as tight
as you
can.  Press down on your breaker bar.  Should come loose - one man - no
- no noise.  If your really having a problem use a pully to pull the two
of your 'scissors' together.

Should work like a charm.



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Subject: Getting 'the bolt' off a loose engine

The first difficulty with MB001293 - the harmonic damper is still on
the engine.   The alternator bracket is also still there, so I can
attach #2084 - but with 300+ lb ft, the engine is going to want to turn.

I may well wind up having to build some sort of jig to hold it.

Anyone got any clever ideas?

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