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RE: Power Steering Reservior leaking thru Cap

I had the same problem with my 84 5000 Turbo.  My first thought was it
was the accumulator.  But as I removed the pressure hose from the
accumulator to the pump I noticed that the fittings had screen filters
built into them and one screen was ripped and the second was clogged
with debris.  So I purchased a complete new hose assembly from the
dealer that included the screened fittings, internal restrictor hose,
and new pressure hose.  I then thoroughly cleaned the reservoir, cleaned
the screen in the reservoir, and installed the complete new hose
assembly.  After that it cured my problem with the reservoir
overflowing.  Since then I have changed the fluid several more times.
Mind you that I'm an Audi newbie and someone else may have a different
solution or your problem may be slightly different.
Best Regards,
Rene Curry
Grosse Ile, MI USA  

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>Subject:	Power Steering Reservior leaking thru Cap
>I am having a problem with the reservior leaking through the cap.  I
>replaced the rubber gasket in the cap but in now looks like it is coming
>through the vent also.  I almost seems like it is getting pressurized.  What
>is going on?